Powerful features. Intuitive workflow.

No hidden fees or contracts.

Your choice of three software applications and a variety of forms and envelopes, we make it easy to integrate automation into your existing Certified Mail® workflow. All options provide the ability to create and fully manage your Certified Mail, along with forms, labels and envelopes that you print in-house and put in the mail.

From importing and managing your recipient lists, creating one or multiple Certified Mail pieces in seconds, to tracking and managing returns, every step in the process is better, faster and easier with WALZ Certified Mail Automation.

Best of all, you only pay for the products that you need. There are no fees to use our software, no contracts to sign, and no special equipment to buy.

Never hand-write another piece of Certified Mail!

Busy mail rooms and small businesses alike have solved the challenges of inefficiency using WALZ Certified Mail Automation. The first step is to determine your specific requirements: After that, it’s just a matter of matching you up with the right forms and envelopes, and you’re on your way!

Secure, compatible applications with powerful features.

Whether you’re looking for an online solution, a desktop program that stores data behind your firewall, or a system to manage large volumes of Certified Mail, we have the tools for you. We make it easy to automate your Certified Mail with no special equipment needed. Our software is included at no additional cost with the purchase of Walz Certified Mailer™ forms. With a variety of laser forms, envelopes, pressure-sealed and continuous forms, we have the tools you need to get your Certified Mail out the door in less time, with proven results.

End-to-end efficiency, powered by

WALZ Certified Mail Automation.

Save up to seven minutes on every piece of Certified Mail!

Imagine getting back another hour in your work day! That’s what it’s like when you use WALZ Certified Mail Automation. The verdict is in and thousands of satisfied clients can confirm that the time savings alone is worth the switch.

Print your Firm Mailing Books for faster service at the Post OfficeTM!

Spend less time at the Post Office, as processing Certified Mail forms by hand isn’t the only time-consuming aspect of the mailing process. We make every step of the process easy by automating all of the manual tasks that add up to lost productivity.

Generate multiple transactions with the click of a button!

With WALZ Certified Mail Automation, you can create and manage batches of Certified Mail. So not only are you saving time piece by piece, but you can now print a whole stack of labels at once!

  • "In my position, I deal with a variety of vendors, and it’s nice knowing that I don’t have to worry about my shipments from WALZ. During a decade of using the WALZ Certified Mailer form #45663, we have only had positive experiences—the customer service is exceptional, with very courteous, friendly and professional staff who are quick to respond to questions."

    Patti Calvin Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration
  • "I can’t say enough good things about WALZ Certified Mail Automation's products and customer service. In the past, I have found myself scrambling to reorder when stock ran low, but with subtle reminders and a friendly touch, WALZ takes the stress out of Certified Mail."

    Marie Bell Hirsch & Westheimer
  • "I could never go back to filling out all of my Certified Mail by hand."

    Delores (Dee) Bryan Energy Transfer
  • "Every company that sends Certified Mail needs to be using WALZ software and Certified Mailer forms/envelopes to maximize productivity and minimize costs. Best of all, there are never any hidden fees with WALZ and they offer top-notch support and responsive customer service."

    Richard Galleria Law Firm

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