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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’s

How do I get started?

It’s easy to get started! Simply complete an order form or call 1-800-381-3811 to request your Walz Certified MailerTM Sample Pack and schedule a Quick Start call.

What is the expected shelf-life for Walz Certified Mailer forms and envelopes?

The quality of our forms and envelopes are guaranteed for one year. As with all laser products, special care must be taken in the storage and handling of these products to ensure optimal performance and use. Never store your forms and envelopes in extremely hot, cold or humid conditions.

What is Return Receipt Electronic (RRE), and how does it compare to the traditional Return Receipt “Green Card”?

With RRE, the recipient’s signature is collected and stored digitally, whereas the traditional Return Receipt requires a wet signature and return of the “Green Card”. Both Certified Mail services provide “proof of mailing” and “proof of delivery”. RRE can provide significant savings with each mail piece costing $1.50, which is $1.25 less per mail piece than traditional hardcopy return receipts.

Is there a contract requirement to use WALZ software solutions?

No. There are NO FEES or CONTRACTS to use any of our software solutions. Simply purchase your Walz Certified Mailer forms or envelopes, and we will set you up with the software option that meets your business needs.

Does the price of a Walz Certified Mailer or envelope include postage?

Postage fees are not included with the cost of your mailers. The fees associated with the cost of sending Certified Mail® are paid directly to USPS®, and will vary depending on what you are sending, as well as the Certified Mail service you choose.

Can I send out my Certified Mail and receive BOTH a Return Receipt “Green Card” and Return Receipt Electronic (RRE) signature?

No. The USPS requires you to choose between a traditional Return Receipt “Green Card” and RRE when creating your Certified Mail. The USPS only has the ability to define article numbers as either “Green Card” or RRE.™

Why should I consider using is a full-cycle Certified Mail® Management System designed for users at the desktop level to the mailroom. The software allows for printing a single transaction in less than 30 seconds as opposed to handwriting standard USPS® Certified Mail forms that typically takes 5-7 minutes per letter. Our software also provides access to:

  1. USPS® Firm Mailing Book (PS Form 3877)
  2. Mail tracking and reporting
  3. A central repository for Return Receipt Electronic (RRE) electronic signature files – stored for a minimum of seven years
  4. unlocking valuable USPS discounts like RRE, saving $1.30 per mailing in comparison to the traditional Return Receipt

Do I need to update my account when USPS postal rates change? is web-based and therefore no action is required from our clients to update USPS postage rates. Whenever the Postal Service increases postage (typically in January), we proactively update your account to match the USPS timeline and will notify you of upcoming rate changes.

How much does it cost?

Starting at $0.65* per Walz Certified Mailer form or envelope, sends Certified Mail, Certified Mail with Return Receipt, and Certified Mail with RRE.
*Pricing varies by volume

I don’t send large volumes of Certified Mail; is the solution for me?

Whether you send a few Certified Mail pieces or fifty thousand you will benefit from the efficiency of processing Certified Mail using . Users of can save up to 7 minutes per mailing, so even if you are only completing 2 or 3 pieces of Certified Mail a day, you could be saving hours every month.

How long can I access mail-tracking information on WALZ software?

We keep your tracking data on file for a minimum of seven years. These details include the mailing information you put into the system, USPS tracking events, and Return Receipt Electronic (RRE) signatures (when applicable). With, you also have the option of viewing and downloading customized mail tracking reports on demand.

WCM Plus™

Can I use Return Receipt Electronic (RRE) with WCM Plus?

Because WCM Plus is a stand-alone application that uses the pre-barcoded Walz Certified MailerTM Form #45663, it is not designed to send Certified Mail with Return Receipt Electronic (RRE). For Certified Mail with RRE, try our Walz Certified Mailer #45663NB with our software.

How much does it cost?

Starting at $0.60* per Walz Certified Mailer form, WCM Plus generates Certified Mail with Return Receipt (up to 1,000 transactions at one time).
*Pricing varies by volume

Do I need to have Microsoft® Word or WordPerfect to use the WCM Plus software?

No. WCM Plus can be installed as a standalone software tool and must be run from your desktop. The ability to integrate with Word or WordPerfect is optional.

Can I process multiple transactions within WCM Plus?

Yes. WCM Plus has a Mail Merge feature that allows you to print multiple transactions at one time. For a complete guide to Mail Merge, please refer to your User Guide located within WCM Plus. Access the guide at C:\Program Files (x86)\Walz\WCMPlus

How do I update my account when postal rates change?

Whenever the Postal Service increases postage (typically in January), we will ask you to download and install the latest version of WCM Plus, which will be updated with the new rates. Additionally, we communicate any upcoming postage changes to you via email before they happen.

Remote, Print and Mail (RPM)

What is the RPM service?

RPM is an automated critical mail service solution that is designed specifically for companies that produce high-volume mailings in-house, or for third party print and mail vendors. RPM clients typically process 1,000 transactions or more per month.

How much does it cost?

Starting at $0.39* per Walz Certified Mailer form, RPM generates Creates or generates Certified Mail with Return Receipt or Certified Mail with Return Receipt Electronic. Our RPM solutions also includes access to our mail tracking system, TrackRightTM (see TrackRight FAQs for more information)
*Pricing varies by volume

What do I need to connect to the RPM service?

RPM requires a Secure FTP (SFTP) connection to transfer your data. Third party SFTP applications can be downloaded from the internet at no charge (we recommend FileZilla). RPM clients can also choose to connect via internet browser using Secure Hyper Text Protocol (HTTPS). Whether you choose SFTP or HTTPS, rest assured that your connection is completely secure.

How many transactions can I process at one time using RPM?

There is no limit to the amount of transactions you can process with RPM. This service allows you to process as few as one (1) transaction and as many as 25,000 transactions at a time.


What is TrackRight?

TrackRight is a secure, web-based portal that enables you to view all WALZ Certified Mail Automation and USPS events from import to delivery and return. TrackRight gives you access to mail delivery and tracking information. Electronic Return Receipt signature files (proof of delivery) are stored on our servers for a minimum of seven years and can be easily retrieved on demand.

How do I sign up for a TrackRight account?

TrackRight is available to clients using Remote, Print & Mail (RPM). Please contact a Sales Representative at 800-381-3811 to create your TrackRight account.

Can I generate mailing reports in TrackRight?

Yes. TrackRight allows you to search transaction data using a variety of parameters including article number, reference number, mailing status, USPS® service options, etc. You decide which of this information you want displayed and printed in your customizable transaction report(s).

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