Save Big with Priority Mail Compared to UPS and FedEx

When businesses need to send mail pieces weighing more than 13 ounces, Priority Mail is consistently more affordable than either UPS or FedEx. And now, with the introduction of Priority Mail options offered available with WALZ software solutions, we’re sweetening the deal.

As part of our commitment to making critical communications better, faster and easier, WALZ now offers Priority Mail services that include delivery and signature confirmation. Priority Mail can also be used to send Certified Mail (which is a required service for mailings heavier than 13 ounces).

This means our industry-leading software and products are now available to help our clients send and manage mailings too large for First-Class Mail right from their desktop. With the same level of efficiency and savings the industry has come to expect from WALZ, our new Priority Mail options will save you time and money on every mail piece you send.

The reason many clients are making the switch is the immediate difference in pricing between USPS Priority Mail and the higher-cost UPS and FedEx services. The following table shows the difference in shipping rates, using the example of a two-pound package sent by Priority Mail from Southern California to Chicago:

Mailing Service No Signature Signature Confirmation Transit Time
FedEx Express Saver $10.50 $10.50 3 days
UPS Ground $14.55 $17.55 4 days
USPS Priority Mail $6.95 $9.55 2 days

And the better prices don’t conceal inferior service. Among the inherent value of using Priority Mail are:

  • Free Priority Mail pickup by calling the USPS, eliminating trips to the Post Office
  • Most Priority Mail delivered in one or two business days
  • Flat-rate postage for up to 130 pages in a custom USPS Priority Mail envelope

When factoring for productivity, the savings get even better: As we have been doing for decades with Certified Mail, WALZ streamlines office workflow and can save hours of manual labor every week. Combined with our highly efficient online management and tracking capabilities, you will save even more in terms of hours and trips to the Post Office by partnering with WALZ to fulfill your Priority Mail needs.

And as always with WALZ, there are never any monthly fees, contracts to sign, or hidden software licensing costs.

Together, WALZ and Priority Mail are ready to bring big savings to your office. Transaction pricing details are below. Give us a call today (800-381-3811) or click below to have one of our knowledgeable experts help you get started today!


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