Priority Mail and WALZ: Value and Features Working Together for You

Across decades of innovation, WALZ has focused on providing First-Class Certified Mail solutions to help our clients avoid trips to the Post Office and enhance their critical communications workflow. Now, we’re bringing the same industry-leading features to Priority Mail, which means you have access to a wealth of features that can revolutionize your Priority Mail workflow.

Now, instead of taking large mailings (heavier than 13 ounces) to the Post Office, then sending and tracking them the old-fashioned way, you can use WALZ to manage your Priority Mail the same way you are used to managing your Certified Mail sent via USPS First-Class Mail.

Not only is Priority Mail cheaper than comparable service from UPS and FedEx, but with the full range of WALZ solutions at your fingertips, the USPS solution is the most powerful.

With, you get access to a secure, centralized, web-based portal to manage your Priority Mail from any web browser at any time. You can generate up to 1,000 transactions at a time and access your custom tracking reports on demand, 24/7. delivers the all-around best critical communications service, streamlining mail management with easy access to delivery information. Our tracking service also provides a custom WALZ Last Status mailing event that helps you to manage your in-transit mailings and easily locate letters that are lost or undelivered.

Using our high-volume solution, Rapid Print & Mail (RPM), you can easily generate up to 200,000 transactions per import! It’s easy to implement RPM seamlessly into your existing workflow, using your current resources and equipment, and you will always have access to custom tracking and delivery reports. We also offer Barcode Data-only services, if needed.

The other features you will unlock by partnering with WALZ to manage your Priority Mail include:

  • Technical support at no extra cost, and private training sessions available for new users
  • Tracking data and RRE signatures stored for a minimum of seven years
  • Centralized tracking and custom reporting on your critical documents

In addition to these powerful features, WALZ continues to deliver significant value to our clients.

  • No monthly fees, volume commitments or contracts
  • No software licensing fees or restriction-based incentives to upgrade
  • Bulk pricing discounts, as low as $0.25 per piece (flat rate envelopes included)

Delivering the efficiency and savings that you’ve come to expect from WALZ, our new Priority Mail service option will save you time and money on every transaction. Transaction pricing details are below. Give us a call today (800-381-3811) or click below to have one of our knowledgeable experts help you get started today!


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