Case Study: Law Firm Drives Office Efficiency with WALZ Certifed Mail Automation

Sturgill Turner, a law firm based in Lexington, Kentucky, sends an average of 100 pieces of Certified Mail® a week. Prior to harnessing the power of WALZ Certified Mail Automation, the firm’s employees had been hand-writing dozens of Green Cards and USPS forms at a time.

The time-consuming and labor-intensive process of doing Certified Mail by hand became especially painful whenever the firm had large batches to send. To save time and money, they would need a solution that integrated seamlessly into their office workflow and delivered significant gains in efficiency and reliability.

The Challenge: Managing Certified Mail in Critical Communications

The employees who manage critical communications at Sturgill Turner knew they could be spending less time on Certified Mail—but they also wanted to eliminate hand-written Green Cards so their correspondence would look more professional. The right solution would have to both save time and yield a polished and professional finished product.

The Solution: Certified Mail Automation with WALZ

Encountering WALZ Certified Mail Automation at an Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) conference, Sturgill Turner’s office administrator determined that Certified Mail Automation could solve their workflow dilemma. The firm began using with WALZ Certified Mailer™ forms and envelopes, and their new WALZ solutions delivered significant time savings and the professional touch they were looking for.

Not only was the inconvenience of creating and managing Certified Mail by hand a thing of the past, but WALZ also delivered a variety of powerful new features, enabling Sturgill Turner to:

  • Import and manage recipient lists electronically
  • Create batches of Certified Mail in seconds
  • Track and manage returns with powerful new features in the cloud

The Result: A Better, Faster, Easier way to do Certified Mail

The firm was immediately pleased with the more professional appearance of Certified Mail created with WALZ Certified Mail Automation also delivered additional, unanticipated benefits, such as faster, more organized handling of delivery notifications on the back end.

After implementing WALZ Certified Mail Automation, Sturgill Turner:

  • Realized time savings of 30 minutes every day
  • Enhanced the appearance and presentation of its Certified Mail
  • Improved its Certified Mail tracking, resulting in fewer delayed delivery notifications

“WALZ Certified Mail Automation streamlines the Certified Mail process and results in a professional-looking piece of mail leaving your office. With the WALZ system, it is also easier to track your Certified Mail—no more Return Receipt cards floating around the office until they land with the right employee.”

-Lana McGinnis, Office Administrator, Sturgill Turner

Ready to start saving time and money with Certified Mail?

From Fortune 100 companies to small businesses around the U.S., WALZ is the trusted leader in Certified Mail Automation. Since our earliest days in the 1980s, our products have helped thousands of offices across the nation save time and money on more than 300 million transactions.


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