Case Study: Resource Development Company Taps WALZ Certified Mail Automation for High-Value Mailings

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Percussion Petroleum, LLC is an independent oil and natural gas company that uses Certified Mail to communicate with state and federal agencies and well owners around the country. With WALZ Certified Mail Automation, the firm’s staff has streamlined their critical communications and tapped into the enhanced features and benefits of

The Challenge: Filing Out Forms by Hand

Filling out forms by hand was time-consuming and a drain on productivity. But there was another challenge: the volume of Certified Mail going out every week varied from three pieces to as many as 20. Percussion Petroleum’s ideal Certified Mail solution would not only have to save time, but deliver the flexibility to scale with volume fluctuations.

The Solution: Using and Return Receipt Electronic

In April 2017, the company adopted WALZ Certified Mailer™ formss, with, for all of their Certified Mail processes. Today, Percussion Petroleum uses WALZ solutions to send Certified Mail with traditional “Green Card” Return Receipt, as well as Return Receipt Electronic (RRE), a key flexible and money-saving benefit of using

Like the thousands of businesses across the country that trust for their most important communications, Percussion Petroleum now has access to a variety of value-added features, such as:

  • Producing and managing Certified Mail from any browser at any time
  • Generating multiple transactions with the click of a button
  • Secure, web-based access, with no downloads or updates required

The Result: A Better, Faster, Easier way to do Certified Mail

Besides boosting efficiency and freeing up staff to get back to other important work, also provided a recipient address book that allows storage for up to 1,000 addresses for quick access— a key benefit, since many of the company’s critical communications go to the same recipients.

After implementing WALZ Certified Mail Automation, Percussion Petroleum’s staff:

  • Realized significant time savings of up to two hours per week
  • Enhanced their ability to take volume fluctuations in stride
  • Accessed additional features, like tracking and reporting capabilities, that make a better, faster and easier every day

Ready to start saving time and money with Certified Mail?

From Fortune 100 companies to small businesses around the U.S., WALZ is the trusted leader in Certified Mail Automation. Since our earliest days in the 1980s, our products have helped thousands of offices across the nation save time and money on more than 300 million transactions.


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