Tracking and Reporting with The Better, Faster and Easier Way to Manage Your Mailings

When it comes to sending sensitive, high-priority communications through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), Certified Pro is an industry leader, delivering a full-service mail management experience that couples efficiency with reliability.

In large part, this is because WALZ has designed the most robust tracking and reporting system in the industry, with powerful features included in your Certified Pro service at no additional cost.

Whether you want to send mail from your desk or skip the post office and let us mail for you, the tracking and reporting features available on demand from Certified Pro give you the ability to follow every mailpiece with confidence.

WALZ Last Status

Every mailing generated from Certified Pro is tracked and categorized using our proprietary event tracking logic, known as WALZ Last Status (WLS).

WLS follows each mailpiece through its USPS life cycle and uses event descriptions, such as Mailed, Returned to Sender, Lost and Delivered, to provide enhanced visibility throughout every step in the mailing process.

As your mailings navigate the USPS network, the tracking details are captured in Certified Pro and translated to a mailing status. For example, we can help you locate mailings that were deemed undeliverable and returned to the sender—an event that the USPS reports as Delivered. Our system categorizes these letters and allows you to locate them by searching for a Returned to Sender mailing status instead.

Additionally, if a mailing hasn’t been delivered to the intended recipient after 14 days, our tracking system updates the mailing status to Undelivered, and after 30 days to Lost. Taking corrective action specific to lost and undelivered mail is one of the most important steps in any mail management process, and Certified Pro makes it easy.

The same smart logic built into Certified Pro also helps to identify lost or undelivered mailings that are eligible for a USPS refund, giving you the ability to instantly generate a report that can be submitted directly to the USPS. We’ve included a description of each WLS reporting option available within Certified Pro at the end of this article.

Check out this article to learn more about how to request a refund for undelivered mail using Refund-Eligible reporting for all your Certified Mailings.

Next-Level Reporting When You Need It

It’s easy to get started tracking your mail in Certified Pro with just a few clicks. But the real power is in the advanced search options that allow you to pinpoint specific mailings and achieve unparalleled insight throughout your USPS transactions.

In addition to searching by mail status, you can search for individual transactions by article number or recipient name, or use reference numbers to view groups of mailings at one time. You can even configure your own customizable search fields.

You can combine any available search criteria to generate reports that simply aren’t possible with other desktop mailing services. We also allow for an easy export of any tracking report created in our system.

Additional Features

Proof of Acceptance (POA) Letters: As an added service, WALZ provides downloadable Proof of Acceptance, on our letterhead, containing a true extract of the first tracking event from USPS upon receipt of each mailing. You can quickly and easily generate POA letters for all qualified mailings.

First-Class Mail Tracking: Using our new Remote Print & Mail service, you can send and track your first-class mail like never before.

Return Receipt Electronic (RRE) Signature Files: WALZ collects images of RRE signatures for delivered mailings, giving you easy access and the ability to download RRE signature files individually or in batches. RRE signatures are stored in Certified Pro for 7 years.

Delivery Confirmation Emails: Certified Pro automatically sends delivery confirmation emails once daily (when applicable).

Central Repository: Using Certified Pro means that everything you need to manage your mailings is accessed from one place. From electronic delivery signatures to complete tracking event history, log in from any web browser and instantly access your virtual mailroom.

How to Get Started

These are just some of the many features already integrated into your Certified Pro experience. All the reporting information you need to keep a close eye on your most important mailings are at your fingertips in the tracking tab section of your account. To ensure the continuity of your important communications, WALZ stores tracking information for a minimum of 7 years.

If you have not yet tried Certified Pro, you’re missing out on the industry-leading mail management solution. We have spent decades listening to clients around the nation—from high-volume mailrooms to small businesses that send mail from their desktops—and perfected the features that set our service apart.

Getting started with Certified Pro is easy, so contact us today for your free trial and discover the features you’ve been missing.


WALZ Last Status WALZ Last Status Description
Created The article number has been generated, but the item has not yet been received/scanned at a USPS facility
Mailed The item has been accepted by USPS and is en route to its destination
To Be Mailed The item belongs to a Firm Mailing Book but has not been accepted by USPS
Forwarded The intended recipient has moved and the item is being forwarded to the new address
To Be Returned The item has been deemed undeliverable and will be returned to the original sender
Returned to Sender The item is being returned to sender for any number of reasons (refused, undeliverable as addressed, etc.)
Lost The item was not delivered after 30 days from date of mailing and appears to have been lost in transit
Undelivered The item was not delivered after 14 days from date of mailing
Undelivered – Forwarded The item was not delivered after 10 days from mail forwarding date
Undelivered – To Be Returned The item was not delivered after 10 days from return event mailing date
Delivered The item has been delivered and signed for by someone at the recipient address
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