Take Your First-Class Mail® to the Next Level with Improved Tracking from Certified Pro

Stamp it, send it, the end… right?

Not so fast.

We’re here to tell you about a better, faster and easier way to send First-Class Mail®—complete with tracking—using our Remote Print & Mail (RPM) service from Certified Pro.

For decades, First-Class Mail has been the gold standard in affordable, reliable letter delivery from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS®). Whether sending borrower notifications or following up on Certified Mail®, First-Class Mail is the logical choice.

But when you process your First-Class Mail manually, you have no way to track your letters. Dropping a letter in the mail slot and hoping it gets delivered is not a reliable or professional mailing approach.

With RPM, say goodbye to processing First-Class Mail by hand and forget about the uncertainty. Send us your print-ready PDF letters for mailing from our secure print facility and we will provide USPS tracking event scans to confirm your mailing is out for delivery.

Add Tracking Visibility — Yes, Even First-Class Mail!

Imagine combining the value of First-Class Mail with the added visibility of powerful tracking and custom on-demand reporting: That’s what WALZ’ RPM solution delivers!

As part of USPS’ commitment to maintain high deliverability rates, all mailings receive tracking events while enroute for delivery. Tracking services are not included for standard First-Class Mail letters for retail customers but can be purchased as an extra service.

When using our RPM service to send your First-Class Mail letters, you’ll gain tracking visibility and the confidence of knowing your mailings are being delivered. While not as detailed as Certified Mail tracking, RPM tracking greatly enhances of the accountability of your First-Class Mail after it leaves our fulfillment center. You know exactly when your mailings are picked up by the USPS and processed for delivery.

Tracking events available for First-Class Mail letters include:

USPS Event Scan Event Description
Mailpiece has been successfully scanned by USPS Confirmation scan of acceptance
Mailpiece is out for delivery Last physical scan received at USPS sort facility before delivery

Proof of Acceptance on Demand

As an added benefit, WALZ provides an optional Proof of Acceptance (POA) letter for additional confirmation of your letters being accepted by the USPS. Generate and download POA reports when you need them, from any web browser, directly within your Certified Pro account.

Full-Service Mail Management – The Better, Faster and Easier Way

When you choose our RPM service for sending your First-Class Mail, you will save time and free up resources to focus on other business needs. Our best-in-class tracking service provides quick access to on-demand reporting that simplifies mail management for all your First-Class and Certified Mail processing.

To learn more about how Certified Pro can deliver efficiency to your mail management process, read this article in our Learning Center.

Get Started Today

Now is a perfect time to try our Remote Print and Mail service. Contact us today and start uploading your PDF letters for mailing tomorrow. Plus, if you mention promo code RPM5, you’ll get your first five mailings on us!*

**RPM5 Promo code is a limited time offer valid for eligible transactions submitted within a single calendar day. Printing and handling fees to be waived for first five mail pieces. Postage charges and taxes must be paid from a pre-funded account. Offer valid between 1/1/2021 and 12/31/2021. View complete promo code terms and conditions HERE.

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