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300 million transactions and counting!

Since the 1980s and the early days of Certified Mail®, our products have helped Fortune 100 companies to small businesses around the U.S.

We currently help automate Certified Mail for…

  • 1000s of Attorneys and Law Offices
  • 100s of Municipal Governments and Counties
  • 100s of Tax Professionals
  • 100s of Banks and Credit Unions
  • Print and Mail Shops, Healthcare and More!

We began with a commitment to helping our clients do their work more quickly, with better results. And the history of our Certified Mail innovations is like a case study of how the right technology makes businesses more efficient, at every level, from the mail room to the boardroom.

The '80s: "A better way to do Certified Mail."

Our earliest patents helped revolutionize office workflow. Driven by the goal of improving the way companies managed Certified Mail, our founder, Rod Walz, introduced the industry’s first automated form set. The idea took off like wildfire.

The '90s: Next-level tracking.

The next step in the evolution of Certified Mail Automation came when we pioneered office tracking automation with the creation of the Walz Item Tracking System [WITS]. Twenty-five years later, tracking remains a central, powerful feature of any Certified Mail system.

The Desktop Revolution: Laser forms.

Our original products were made for continuous feed printers, but by 2000, many offices were equipped with laser printers. Our laser forms quickly became the most reliable, efficient way to automate Certified Mail without having to invest in any special equipment.

The Internet Age: Certified Mail in the cloud.

With the rise of Internet-powered office services, WALZ introduced in  2008, providing Certified mail management online for the first time. Today, thousands of clients rely on our powerful online solutions to create, track and manage their Certified Mail.

Solutions that keep our clients coming back.

With such a rich history of innovation, we truly have a solution for everyone who sends Certified Mail. Our software and Walz Certified Mailers can be found in the mail rooms of large corporations, on desks in small offices, and even powering large print-and-mail operations. We serve a wide range of businesses and industries.

  • "In my position, I deal with a variety of vendors, and it’s nice knowing that I don’t have to worry about my shipments from WALZ. During a decade of using the WALZ Certified Mailer form #45663, we have only had positive experiences—the customer service is exceptional, with very courteous, friendly and professional staff who are quick to respond to questions."

    Patti Calvin Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration
  • "I can’t say enough good things about WALZ Certified Mail Automation's products and customer service. In the past, I have found myself scrambling to reorder when stock ran low, but with subtle reminders and a friendly touch, WALZ takes the stress out of Certified Mail."

    Marie Bell Hirsch & Westheimer
  • "I could never go back to filling out all of my Certified Mail by hand."

    Delores (Dee) Bryan Energy Transfer
  • "Every company that sends Certified Mail needs to be using WALZ software and Certified Mailer forms/envelopes to maximize productivity and minimize costs. Best of all, there are never any hidden fees with WALZ and they offer top-notch support and responsive customer service."

    Richard Galleria Law Firm

Put our software to work and start saving today!

When you automate your Certified Mail with WALZ, not only will you save time and money, you can also get features like USPS-integrated tracking, a postage calculator, powerful reporting, and more. We’ve made Certified Mail better, faster, and easier for you.